CozySwing 2019

5th  to 8th of Dezember in Augsburg, Germany

Line Up: 

✮ Virginie Grondin & Maxence Martin ✮

✮ Fabienne & Lee Easton ✮

✮ Mirjam Frank ✮

Beautiful location right in the heart of Augsburg at rail track one of central station in the sourthern part of Germany

Affordable Hotels, shops and city center in walking distance

Great learning atmosphere 

2 levels with audition for higher level

Both sevels have 8 hours with our Champion Teachers

A special Firday treat with Mirjam Frank

4 parties from Thursday to Sunday with a Charity - Jack & Jill on Friday

Christkindlsmarket, punch & lots of festive fun

... a cozy and social event! 


// Changes in the schedule may still ocure. Event location will be our new studio at Hep Cat Club (Viktoriastr. 3b; 86150 Augsburg)// 

20.15 All Level Class (regular weekly class at the Hep Cat Club)
21.30 - 23.30: Weekly Social Dance  


19.30 : Perform & Play - Workshop with Mirjam
21.30 : Welcome Party 
22.30 : Charity Jack & Jill -  10 euros donation (minimum) per dancer 

12.00: Warm Up Dancing & Audition for Levels - Be on time! 
13.00 - 15.15 : Level 2-3 / Level 3-4 (with 15 min break) 
16.45 - 19.00: Level 2-3  / Level 3-4 (with 15 min break) 

21.30 : Saturday Party 
Around/After Midnight: Awards, Pro Show  

12.00 - 14.15 : Level 2-3 / Level 3-4 (with 15 min break) 
15.30 - 17.45: Level 2-3 / Level 3-4 (with 15 min break) 

20.00 - 24.00: Sunday Party

Perform & Play

What is it about

We’ve all been there: it’s your time to shine, but your heart rate is maximizing, and the worry to fail is much bigger than the prospect of enjoying the dance ahead of you. Did you ever wonder how you can rise to your full potential on both the social dance floor and in competitions? Just like you’re practicing your basic dance steps regularly, it is key to develop those skills that make you feel more comfortable in the spotlight, or with a partner you haven’t met before. When we feel uneasy, we’re no longer connecting with our intuition. But fortunately there are strategies that help us to gain more confidence, and to better cope with nerves.


In this workshop, we’ll be exploring some of the most effective methods for developing a sense of being present in the space we inhabit as dancers. Ultimately, this will make us more interesting as performers – which we all are on the dance floor. The themes we’re going to look at are breath, time and play. As a trained opera singer, Mirjam learned that the breath is your very best friend on stage, and in any other potentially stressful situation for that matter. How so? It’s always there, and if you learn how to work with it, you’ll be surprised at how naturally everything falls into place! Then there’s the concept of time. As dancers, we often feel that there’s never quite enough of it. We’ll be learning how to listen to structural elements in the music, and explore the idea of “slowness”. This will help to become freer and more aware of what’s going on around us. Last, but certainly not least: play! In the end, dancing is about communication, spontaneity and, of course, fun!

So, who is Mirjam

Mirjam Frank is a mezzo-soprano and music historian. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Royal Holloway, University of London, and her Masters degree from the University of Oxford. Just recently, she handed in her doctoral thesis in music history. Mirjam has performed as soloist in London, New York, Los Angeles and Vienna, as well as with renowned vocal ensembles across the world. She also appears as a public speaker at conferences and symposiums. She is Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and teaches voice as well as performance techniques. Mirjam has previously received classical dance training, but has shifted her focus to the swing dances more recently.

Prices & Registration

// Advanced and All Star dancers get a free party pass if they agree to help with judging tasks on Friday night during our Charity Jack & Jill. Please send us an email at to register! //

Registration for full passes (169 euros) - registration is open!

Registration for party passes (49 euros) - registration is open!


Full Pass: 169 euros

Including: 8 hours of workshops all held by our Champion teachers, 4 parties from Thursday to Sunday, option to participate in our Charity Jack & Jill, Perform & Play Workshop on Friday and 1 hour Thursday All-Level class


Party Pass: 49 euros 

Including: 4 parties from Thursday to Sunday, option to participate in our Charity Jack & Jill (but not including the donation!) and option to take private lessons.


Thursday Drop In Class 15 euros

You arrive on Thursday allready and want to join our weekly class with Thomas Bachmann? Go for this drop in ticket for the class (20.15 - 21.15). You can stay for the party afterwards as well!

More Info

Schedule: When you plan your travel please keep in mind that changes in the schedule may still ocure.

Getting there: Our studio is located in Viktoriastraße 3b, 86150 Augsburg right at central station. From the central train station it is only a 5 minutes walk to the center of the city. 

Airport: The closest airport is Franz-Josef-Strauß Airport in Munich (MUC). From there take the public transportation to Munich central station and a train to „Augsburg Hauptbahnhof“.

From the airport in Stuttgart (STR) there is a very cheap flixbus connection to Augsburg. From the Flixbus station (Augsburg Oberhausen Nord P + R; Biberbachstraße 8, 86154 Augsburg) take the tram to city center (Königsplatz) and from there to Haupbahnhof.

Interesting flight options can also be found from Memmingen Airport (FMM) by choosing Ryanair or Wizzair for example. There are buses and trains going to Augsburg from the airport.

All of these airports above are between 60 - 90 minutes away from Augsburg by car and they have reasonable connections - between 90 to 120 minutes travelling time - by train or bus as well.

Hotels: There are many hotels nearby, for example the Ibis hotels at Königsplatz or Hauptbahnhof. Both of them are in walking distance from the event location (1-3 minutes), with the one at hauptbahnhof being right at the other side of central station.

We also heard from many students that the youth hostel in Augsburg is quite nice and a cheaper option - Expecially the breakfast should be nice there! It is a bit of a longer walk (probabyl 30 minutes) to get there though but you can take the tram as well.

We can also recommend to stay at the Grandhotel Cosmopolis. It’s a very special place in Augsburg. Hostel, hotel and home for refugees at the same time and every room is designed by an artist. They also have the concept „Pay as much as you can“. 

Public Transport: Trams are only running until midnight. After that - and only on Friday and Saturday - there are hourly night buses that cost 2,70 per ride.

You can check connection via the App "Augsburg Mobil: AVV mobil" or by using their website: - Unfortunately they don't provide this service in english.

Taxis are located right in front of the studio, so it shouldn't be a problem to get one. To order a taxi call +49 821 35025. 

Food & Drinks: We will be serving free tap water throughout the event, but you have to bring your own reusable water bottle to use that service. We want to avoid plastic waste and we will not be giving out glasses for tap water. We kindly ask you to not bring any food or drinks into the studio or to refill bottles at the toilets. 

Bar Service: We believe we have fair prices for food and drinks and we can only continue bringing exceptional teachers to Augsburg if you support us with your understanding! By ordering that drink or by enjoying a cappuccino at our bar you would really help us! 

Workshops: Please understand that we only allow full pass ticket holders to enter the studio during the day. If you did not book the currently running workshop please do not enter.

Auditions: If you missed the audition or if you are late for it you will not be accepted in any higher level. Please understand that decisions of our staff regarding levels and auditions are final. You can sit down to watch the classes of your own level only. 

Taking Privates: Only holders of a full pass or a party pass may take privates with our teachers during the event. Just message them directly to reserve a spot. 

Parties: The parties are free for workshop attendants. Party passes for non-full-pass-ticket-holders must be bought in advance via our online ticket system. 

Charity Fun Jack & Jill: The winners of the jack & Jill will be choosing a charity foundation they would like to donate the money to. We will make some suggestions, that you can choose from as well. Awards will be held at Saturday around/after midnight.

Christmas market: On weekdays the christmas markets are from 10 - 20.00, on Saturday the from 10.00 - 21.30 and on Sunday from 10.00 - 20.00
You find more information about the christmas markets and opening times here.

Sightseeing: Augsburg is one of the oldest cities in Germany and you can still see some of it's glory today. With the app swa city you can go on themed tours around town with the trams and discover many interesting places. It also gives tips where to find restaurants, coffee shops, and other places you might like.

Again, this service is unfortunately only available in German, but you might get along with it even without being familiar with the language. 

Staff: Please don't hesitate to ask us directly if you have any questions or concerns. We are always more than happy to help! :) 

Imprint (German)

Angaben gemäß § 5 TMG: 

Hep Cat Club GmbH
Thomas Bachmann 
VIktoriastraße 3
86150 Augsburg