CozySwing Special Intensive Edition 2020

Christmas is always a special time of the year, but especially this year with the current situation. For this reason, we present a very special version of CozySwing that is fully adapted to the current Corona events.

This year, attendance is possible with a constant dancing partner only and currently it is not possible to schedule parties – but this also means that there will be a lot of time scheduled for practice and the teaching contents are tailored specially to the constant dancing couples.

To allow for a maximum of flexibility, this year it is also is possible to only sign up for one day. So if you live close by, there is no need for an extra hotel room so that this saves some money and you are more flexible.

We are all very excited to see you in the lovely city of Augsburg.
Stay tuned for more information coming soon!


5th & 6th of December 2020

Hep Cat Club Augsburg